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We are an agency that is constantly renovating and promoting gay travel and leisure  all over south America, We know what a well and experience traveler is looking for, especially when traveling to a new destination and exciting country such as Peru, with its rich heritage culture and gastronomy that it's now getting it's well deserved recognition all over the world, we are offering what we think you will enjoy and will make you come back to be awe again.

Experience in first-hand the wonders of Peru it's majestic ruins of  Machu Picchu and City of Cusco, the exciting and busting city of Lima with its unique and modern style that offers you more than a simple place to go, we will show you the forbidding part of the city that wakes up in the middle of night and goes thru the day, we will show you places that you never imagine that exists! Places that you will find enjoyable and exciting a place where you will party till dawn and you will leave with a satisfaction and with a sensation of been in another world, and that is our goal.

All of this with the sense of Professionalism, security, and most at all the confidentiality that our agency aims for. 

We offer you custom made itineraries as well as organize tours in which you will find that everything you are looking for is included in your trip, from tours to the city of kings and surrounding high scale neighborhoods to the high of the mountains to the inner parts of a city that does not sleep.

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